By a Narrow Margin, Americans Say Senate Trial Should Result in Trump’s Removal

Majority says Trump has definitely or probably done things that are illegal

from the Pew Research Center –

Slightly more Americans say that Donald Trump should be removed from office than say he should stay in office, with these views starkly divided along partisan lines.


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Democratic Party Leaders Are Mostly Sitting Out the Presidential Endorsement Race So Far. That's What Republican Leaders Did in 2016.

Democratic Party leaders are endorsing presidential candidates just as slowly as Republicans did in 2016

Geoffrey Skelley of FiveThirtyEight –

Note from Ken Feltman:

Democratic leaders and elected officials are following an endorsement practice in 2020 that is similar to the pattern of Republican leaders in 2016.

Generally, when a party’s leaders delay endorsing, the ultimate nominee may prevail because of (1) personal wealth or financial support from people who usually do not participate in politics but view a particular candidate as “speaking” for them, or (2) the candidate’s support for a narrow policy or group that attracts people who would otherwise not participate. Often, the people who do participate are single-issue voters or tend to vote for candidates who support their views about immigrants, minorities and social issues.


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What are Forever Chemicals? And Should You Be Concerned?

Sara Goddard in Green That Life –

The term “forever chemicals” is a nickname for a class of manufactured fluorinated chemical substances found in a whole host of consumer products, drinking water, and in industrial practices. Technically known as per- and polyfluorinated compounds, there are nearly 5,000 of these forever chemicals, all grouped into one category.

They’re called forever chemicals because they last, well, forever, or at least indefinitely in your body and the environment.


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A 3-year-old’s prayer goes viral. Perhaps Congress could learn from him. Actually, perhaps you and I could.


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Should We be Following the Iceland Sustainability Model?

Sara Goddard in Green That Life –

When I planned our family trip to Iceland I’d been drawn to the stunning landscape and chance to see the northern lights. What I didn’t realize was that Iceland possesses a culture of sustainability that’s embedded in many aspects of Icelandic life. How do they do it, I wondered, as we traveled through this beautiful country; and is it possible to replicate at home?

What is the Iceland Sustainability Model?


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