The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated

By The Fix from the Washington Post

The Fix reporters add insight and analysis to the complete transcript from Monday’s debate.

Source: The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated

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As a Senator, Hillary Clinton Got Along With the GOP. Could She Do So as President?

by Shawn Zeller of Roll Call



As a senator, Hillary Clinton got along with GOP colleagues, mostly working on noncontroversial issues. Could she work with Republicans as President?

It looks increasingly likely that voters this November will have a clear choice. In Donald Trump, they’d have a true Washington outsider seeking to upend the way of doing business in the capital. In Hillary Clinton, a creature of Washington, they’d have a politician with a lengthy government resume and an argument that her experience would enable her to grease the wheels of government after years of gridlock.

Source: As a Senator, Hillary Clinton Got Along With the GOP. Could She Do So as President?

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How Trump Could Win The White House While Losing The Popular Vote


By David Wasserman of FiveThirtyEight

OK, before I say anything, a quick disclaimer: This piece is not a prediction. In fact, I’m a religious (maybe fanatical) adherent of FiveThirtyEight’s 2016 election forecast model…

That said, in the event this race does tighten to a coin flip by Nov. 8, there is an unusually high chance Donald Trump could win the Electoral College while losing the popular vote — basically, Democrats’ version of the apocalypse.

Here’s why: Several of Trump’s worst demographic groups happen to be concentrated in states, such as California, New York, Texas and Utah, that are either not competitive or that aren’t on Trump’s must-win list. Conversely, whites without a college degree — one of Trump’s strongest groups — represent a huge bloc in three blue states he would need to turn red to have the best chance of winning 270 electoral votes: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Source: How Trump Could Win The White House While Losing The Popular Vote

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Do Presidential Debates Impact Election Outcomes?


By Danti Chinni, NBC News 

The presidential debates are generally considered the last big opportunity to move voters before the election. But do they really have an impact?

Source: Do Presidential Debates Impact Election Outcomes? – NBC News

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Is Trump the Only Republican Who Can Handle the Media Onslaught?

By Matt Lewis of Roll Call

Conventional wisdom suggests that any “generic” Republican would easily beat Hillary Clinton in November — and any other Democrat would destroy Donald Trump. But what if that’s wrong? Increasingly, the notion that Trump could actually win seems less absurd. As I write this, the election forecasting site FiveThirtyEight says that if the election were held today, he’d have close to a 47 percent chance of winning.

It’s not crazy to theorize that Trump, with all his faults, might actually be better positioned than any traditional Republican would be.

Source: Is Trump the Only Republican Who Can Handle the Media Onslaught?

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