Religious Typology: A new way to categorize Americans by religion

From the Pew Research Center –

Most U.S. adults identify with a particular religious denomination or group. They describe themselves as Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, Mormon or Muslim – to name just a few of the hundreds of identities or affiliations that people give in surveys.

Others describe themselves as atheist, agnostic or say they have no particular religious affiliation. These are the conventional categories into which Americans sort themselves. But a new Pew Research Center analysis looks at beliefs and behaviors that cut across many denominations – important traits that unite people of different faiths, or that divide people who have the same religious affiliation – producing a new and revealing classification, or typology, of religion in America.

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The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web

By Nick Routley of Visual Capitalist –

With each passing year, an increasingly large segment of the population no longer remembers images loading a single pixel row at a time, the earsplitting sound of a 56k modem, or the domination of web portals.

Many of the top websites in 1998 were basically news aggregators or search portals, which are easy concepts to understand. Today, brand touch-points are often spread out between devices (e.g. mobile apps vs. desktop site) and a myriad of services and sub-brands (e.g. Facebook’s constellation of apps). As a result, the world’s biggest websites are complex, interconnected web properties.

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Going Back in Time… The First Father: William Jefferson Blythe and the back roads of fate

By Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post, from June 20, 1993 –

Bill Clinton did not know he had a half-brother — nor was the half-brother aware of his relationship to a U.S. president — until the style section came calling.

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Majority of Americans Believe It Is Essential That the U.S. Remain a Global Leader in Space

By Cary Funk and Mark Strauss of Pew Research –

Majorities say the International Space Station has been a good investment for the country and that, on balance, NASA is still vital to the future of U.S. space exploration even as private space companies emerge as increasingly important players.

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Brazil Is About To Show The World How A Modern Democracy Collapses

By Travis Waldron of the Huffington Post –

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazilian democracy — and a model for authoritarianism that leaders around the world will follow.

“Democracy,” a man said, “hasn’t delivered what many of us have expected.”

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