After Years Of Warnings, Internet Of Things Devices To Blame For Big Internet Attack

By Steven Melendez

On Friday, a series of massive distributed denial of service attacks disrupted access to major internet services including GitHub, Twitter, Spotify, and Netflix.

The attackers apparently used tens of thousands of hacked internet of things devices—household appliances such as digital video recorders, security cameras, and internet routers—to generate a massive amount of digital traffic. That digital noise was sent to Dyn, a domain name service provider used by major online companies, disrupting its ability to translate human-readable internet addresses into the IP addresses networks use to route traffic.

The attack came after years of warnings from security experts that the makers of many internet-enabled devices paid too little attention to security, shipping internet-connected hardware with preset passwords, insecure default connections, and other vulnerabilities.

“It is just a matter of time until attackers find a way to profit from attacking IoT devices,” a report from security firm Symantec warned last year. “This may lead to connected toasters that mine cryptocurrencies or smart TVs that are held ransom by malware. Unfortunately, the current state of IoT security does not make it difficult for attackers to compromise these devices once they see the benefit of doing so.”


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Forget Data Scientists – Make Everyone Data Savvy

by Bernard Marr

Many companies are putting massive focus on recruiting the rare beasts that are data scientists. But in doing so, they often forget the need for creating a much more data savvy culture overall.

You don’t have to be a data scientist to be data savvy. And that’s a good thing.

Many companies are putting massive focus on recruiting the rare beasts that are data scientists. But in doing so, they often forget the need for creating a much more data savvy culture overall.

Data is already becoming ubiquitous in business as well as in daily life. It used to be that the IT department could be contained to its own office or floor, but today, it’s becoming harder and harder to segregate the realm of data from any other aspect of business.

That means that data — and the application and analysis of said data — is going to become more and more important in every department, from sales to HR and from R&D to marketing.

The good news is that you don’t have to know how to code or do advanced maths to become data-savvy.  In fact, you don’t have to be particularly tech savvy at all.  What you do have to do is adopt a data-friendly mindset.

Whether you are looking to lead the way as a data-savvy employee, or lead the charge for culture change as a manager or C-level executive, here are some suggestions for encouraging everyone in your organization to become data savvy….

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A generation of GOP stars stands diminished: ‘Everything Trump touches dies’

Republicans who backed Trump risk being mowed down in the wreckage of his campaign.

By Philip Rucker of the Washington Post

Trump’s turbulent campaign, on display here at Sunday night’s second presidential debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has damaged far more than his own White House prospects. It threatens to diminish an entire generation of Republican leaders who stood by him and excused his behavior after attacks against women, the disabled, Latino immigrants, Muslim Americans, Syrian refugees, prisoners of war, Gold Star parents and others.

“There is nobody who holds any position of responsibility who in private conversations views Donald Trump as equipped mentally, morally and intellectually to be the president of the United States,” said Steve Schmidt, a veteran GOP strategist. “But scores of Republican leaders have failed a fundamental test of moral courage and political leadership in not speaking truth to the American people about what is so obvious.”


Complete article: A generation of GOP stars stands diminished: ‘Everything Trump touches dies’

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Trump, tapes, turmoil and troubles

By Ken Feltman

As news spread concerning the latest crisis for Donald Trump’s campaign, I wondered what was happening with the advisors closest to the situation. I got on the telephone and sent text messages and emails to GOP political insiders (including several who are – or purport to be – Trump insiders). Then I called or sent messages to people in the media who are covering national politics  (most are covering the Trump campaign). Surprisingly, 31 responded (18 political consultants and operatives and 13 media people.  

Here is the gossip. I know, I know, many in the media would call this news or analysis. It isn’t. It’s just gossip. But it is interesting.

People in Trump Tower tell me that Donald Trump’s family members believe that if Trump quits, he will be disgraced and risks losing any commercial value he has. If he stays in and loses, he will still be a money-making personality on television and other entertainment outlets.

Could winning come at the price of cashing in now?

Initially, the Trump family did not believe that the Donald could win. Gradually, they seemed to change their minds. One Trump child has said that, all along, the family realized that running for president was Trump’s biggest and best money-making idea. They want to cash in and, therefore, do not want their father to quit. They believe his millions of committed followers will stick with him through an election loss – and those followers will be willing to part with cash later.

One family member discussed how losing the election would be better than winning because winning would delay the date that Trump and his family could start taking money to the bank.

Tough decision?

Sources close to Mike Pence say that he has a hard decision to make: Stick with Trump and gain the support of Trump’s ardent supporters when the campaign is over or break with Trump and hope his debate performance puts him atop the GOP’s 2020 list. Pence seems to be seeking a middle path because he sees Paul Ryan’s quick denunciation of Trump as putting Ryan clearly with the “establishment” Republicans.

Ryan supporters are saying that they believe that Ryan was just being honest and putting the country and party first when he broke with Trump. But his close associates say he is most concerned about keeping control of the House of Representatives. That is his power base for a run for president.

Ready to answer the call

The media folks had a lot to say about two former GOP presidential candidates, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani. Apparently, both have let senior Republican Party officials know that they are available if Trump quits.

This gossip may be complete garbage. But it’s not any worse than some other aspects of this campaign. In fact, in an election that nobody seems to deserve to win, this may give us hints about the thinking of 2020’s ambitious Republicans.

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Trump Remarks: Ryan ‘Sickened,’ McConnell Calls Them ‘Repugnant’

By Bridget Bowman

Speaker Paul Ryan said he’s “sickened” by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about women on a video. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also described the remarks as “repugnant.”

Trump bragged about his exploits with women and used graphic language to describe his sexual advances in a video from 2005 obtained by The Washington Post.

The GOP nominee was slated to appear at a Saturday event with Ryan and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, a vulnerable incumbent, in Elkhorn, located in Ryan’s congressional district. But Ryan asked Trump not to come to Wisconsin, according to a source familiar with the speaker’s decision.


See the Roll Call article here:

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