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Evy Dubrow still joins us for Thanksgiving every year

Ken Feltman –

Tomorrow, we will laugh – and tears may flow – as my family recalls past Thanksgivings with one of the most powerful women in Washington’s lobbying history. I will recall the victories we shared when we put her labor unions and my large and small businesses together.

When Evy Dubrow was alive, we would sit down at the table, then she would offer a few passages from the Old Testament and I would offer a few from the New Testament.

Then came the fun: As we enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner, she would tell a few stories from her long and successful life.

Click the link below to read the original article from 2006:

Evy Dubrow: A life worth living | Radnor Reports: Information for decision-makers

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Video: John Bolton discusses whether Trump may become security threat after leaving office

ABC-TV News –

The former national security adviser also reacts to President-elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet nominations.

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23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert

Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., in Scientific American –

If I see one more listicle about introversion, I’m going to cry.

It started out with the fairly reasonable “31 Unmistakable Signs That You’re An Introvert.” Sure, many of the items on the list offered an exaggerated version of introversion, but there were some real gems that had a large grain of truth. Like this one:

But then this happened:

22 Signs Your Dog’s An Introvert

“He often wears headphones with no music playing, in the hopes no one will try and talk to him.”

You’d think that’d be enough for a lifetime of listicles. But no… they kept coming, mixing together many different traits under the general umbrella “introversion.” For instance, some lists include shyness-reated behaviors, but it’s well documented that shyness is not the same thing as introversion. Shyness is more related to being anxious and neurotic. There are plenty of introverts who prefer alone time but really aren’t anxious or shy when interacting with other people.



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Apple’s new computers based on its M1 chip will be well received, propelling its earnings upward in 2021

Jim Davis in Business Insider –

As expected, Apple launched products based on a new chip architecture that the company announced in June 2020. The company’s new “M1” chip is being used in new 13-inch MacBook Air,13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini computers. While some observers weren’t expecting Apple to ship the new systems until 2021, Apple has already started taking orders and expects to begin shipments starting the week of November 15th.


Branding Bulletin: Standing out in the crowd. How to brand your product or service, what to brand and why.

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What Trump’s Refusal To Concede Says About American Democracy

Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight –

At nearly 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, the morning after Election Day 2016, the Associated Press declared Donald Trump the winner of the presidential election. Around the same time, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton phoned Trump to concede, a call she made at the urging of then-President Barack Obama. That Thursday, less than 48 hours after the election results, Obama met with his successor to help him prepare for the transition to the presidency.

Four years later, nothing like that has happened. More than a week has passed since major news outlets declared Joe Biden the winner, but Trump has refused to concede. Instead, his legal team is pushing efforts to invalidate the results, and his administration won’t work with Biden officials on the transition of power. Top Republicans in Congress and around the country aren’t openly acknowledging Biden’s victory either.

That some Republicans won’t go along with the traditional niceties following a presidential election (like congratulating the victor from the opposing party) isn’t that important. But the sitting president’s refusal to acknowledge electoral defeat is worrisome, as it raises the prospect that he will not uphold a core tenet of democracy: Elections determine who is in power, and those who lose surrender power peacefully. The behavior of top Republican Party officials — subtly acknowledging that Trump must leave office on Jan. 20 but not openly rebuking his conduct — in some ways also violates that core value. And the combination of Trump’s and his party’s behavior raises a serious question: Is America’s democracy in trouble?


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