Most popular recent articles – October-December 2019

Ken Feltman of Radnor Reports –

Requests for a list of the most popular articles from recent months hit a new high (736) in January. While that is gratifying, it is also puzzling to me because several of my favorites are not among the overall favorites. Oh well, I’ll carry on….

Here is the list of the 20 most popular, based on the number of different readers. The number 1 article had over 30,000 “hits” and the number 20 article had just under 18,000 on February 1, 2020.

1. Why Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group

2. There Are Plenty Of Anti-Trump Republicans — You Just Have To Know Where To Look

3. The Caliphate Project, Made in America: Declassified U.S. Government Documents Confirm the US Supported the Creation of ISIS

4. Houston, we have a Problem

4. Race in America 2019 (published in September 2019. Hits are from October, November and December.)

6. Why Americans Don’t Fully Trust Many Who Hold Positions of Power and Responsibility

7. America’s last slave ship could offer a case for reparations

8. The 2010s Were A Complicated Decade For Democrats And White Voters

9. Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back

10. The World Isn’t Ready For Climate Refugees

11. Redux? Crazy Hobbit zombie terrorists get their way

12. Impeachment – Not a Democratic Challenger – Could End Susan Collins’ Career

13. The U.S. Turned Syria’s North Into a Tinderbox. Then Trump Lit a Match.

14. Here’s The Best Place To Move If You’re Worried About Climate Change

15. New Zealand just became the first country to legalize salary payments in cryptocurrencies (BTC) (published in September 2019. Hits are from October, November and December.)

16. Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies

17. How Did The Democrats End Up With A 2020 Field So White And Male?

18. Dumbest Political Quotes of All Time

19. What Democrats Love About Joe Biden

20. Kim Jong Un May Be Hiding a Hog Apocalypse From the World

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Revisiting the trauma of 1960s white supremacy

Brandon Tensley of CNN –

It isn’t a leap to say that Jerry Mitchell’s new book “Race Against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era” is a piece of real-life horror. After all, as the subtitle suggests, it grapples not merely with the dead but with how, for decades, the normalized bigotry of the 1960s that killed so many innocent Americans went largely unpunished, in turn haunting those desperate for even a scrap of justice.

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Documents reveal DNC was 'intimately involved' in development of troubled Iowa caucus app

Hunter Walker of Yahoo News –

While the Democratic National Committee has tried to distance itself from the troubled app that threw the results of the Iowa caucuses into disarray, a copy of the contract and internal correspondence provided to Yahoo News demonstrates that national party officials had extensive oversight over the development of the technology.


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Can the World’s Strangest Mammal Survive?

Helen Sullivan in the New York Times –

The platypus is imperiled by habitat loss, predation by feral cats, and now drought and wildfires wrought by climate change.


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Where Latinos have the most eligible voters in the 2020 election

Luis Noe-Bustamante, Abby Budiman and Mark Hugo Lopez of Pew Research –

This year, Latinos are expected for the first time to be the nation’s largest racial or ethnic minority in a U.S. presidential election, with a record 32 million projected to be eligible to vote. They will account for 13.3% of all eligible voters.

However, the number of Latino eligible voters is still far below the 60 million Latinos who live in the country.


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