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Special: “We are tired of being lectured by Germany” – White House official

by Ken Feltman That chilling remark was one of several negative statements from younger White House officials in response to Germany’s drop in first quarter GDP. Taken together, the remarks by future U.S. leaders should serve as a wake-up call … Continue reading

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Getting along in a former backwater town

by Ken Feltman Washington is a perfect blend of Northern hospitality and Southern efficiency. – John F. Kennedy The world has a crisis and Washington is at the center of efforts to resolve it. Naturally, people from all over are … Continue reading

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Healthcare: Myths and knee-jerk economics

By Ken Feltman The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up – Chuck Palahniuk Third of a series One of the great myths of healthcare financing in the United States is that the uninsured … Continue reading

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