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Future leaders, future misunderstandings

by Ken Feltman Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress. – Mohandas Gandhi The key word in Gandhi’s hopeful statement is not disagreement but honest. Frankly, most political disagreements are about little that is honest. They begin over … Continue reading

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Readers pick up on fourth dimension

By Ken Feltman This appeared in the June 1 issue of Inside Washington’s Headlines: “Obama is subscribing to the political fourth dimension: If it happens on my watch, it’s because it can happen on anybody’s watch, or everybody’s watch, or … Continue reading

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First Obama White House shakeup

by Ken Feltman This paragraph appeared in the June 1 issue of Inside Washington’s Headlines: “All the other signs are there, too, ending with the increasing willingness of Obama loyalists to talk about what is going wrong at the White … Continue reading

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Obama attacks from the fourth dimension

By Ken Feltman Time is the dimension that keeps everything that will ever happen from happening all at once. Ever since Einstein, scientists and laymen have increasingly referred to time as the fourth dimension. Some physicists have debated whether time … Continue reading

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