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Is the oil leak Obama’s Katrina? No, it’s Carter’s Hostage Crisis

by Ken Feltman and Louis-Lyonel Voiron We have received questions about the President’s handling of the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Is the oil disaster President Obama’s Katrina? The answer is no. First, Katrina came during a period of … Continue reading

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Tea Party progress

By Ken Feltman A week after Tea Party candidate Rand Paul won the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky, Idaho State Rep. Raul Labrador won a House primary over a favored organization-backed Republican. Labrador had the backing of Tea Party enthusiasts. … Continue reading

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How did the Democrats win Pennsylvania 12?

By Ken Feltman The Democratic candidate ran off with a decisive victory in the special election in Western Pennsylvania to replace Democratic Representative John Murtha, who died earlier this year. The Republicans looked for reasons but found mostly excuses. They … Continue reading

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Europe’s search for the new Holy Grail

by Ken Feltman We have met the enemy, and he is us. – Pogo, the comic strip philosopher created by Walt Kelly Under the best of circumstances, the strong have trouble lifting the weak. More often, the weak pull down … Continue reading

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Britain heads for hung parliament

by Ken Feltman Radnor research completed yesterday, for Britain’s May 6 election, confirms our earlier prediction that voters in the United Kingdom will force politicians to resolve a hung parliament. No party will win the majority required to form a government. … Continue reading

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