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Arizona suit: Dividing America – but differently?

by Ken Feltman The conventional wisdom in Washington is that the federal government’s lawsuit against Arizona is over immigration law and policy. That may not be the most important lesson to draw. As we study focus groups and participants’ comments, … Continue reading

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Terror War Now a Covert One

by Michael Granger When Al-Qaeda launched the 911 attack from bases in Afghanistan, few people questioned the response of a major invasion by the United States that began the Afghan War. Those who questioned the invasion of Afghanistan were quickly drowned … Continue reading

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Where Obama Hurts Democrats and Loses Independents

by Ken Feltman Radnor’s analysis of focus groups shows that among voters who are most likely to vote in November, attitudes toward three aspects of President Obama’s style and communications have crystallized: 1. Obama reacts to events too slowly. 2. … Continue reading

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So long, Rosty

by Ken Feltman Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski was my friend. The fact that he was a Democrat and I a Republican did not change that. The fact that he went to jail did not change that. He was a … Continue reading

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Ted Stevens and the suffragists’ statue

by Ken Feltman My friend Ann Stone has written of Senator Ted Stevens and his help with the statue given to Congress by suffragists to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment. The statue had been stored in the Capitol Building Crypt but Stevens … Continue reading

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