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Alexander Lukashenko is not Russia’s ‘Son of a Bitch’

Ekaterina Egorova, President of “Niccolo M” Group of Companies, Russia Elizaveta Egorova, political psychologist, University of Northern Virginia, USA Alexander Lukashenko has got used to act on a grand scale. If he is sure to be elected the president again, so be it for … Continue reading

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Stability, despotism and dignity

by Ken Feltman Voting gave me my dignity. – A black South African woman who voted in South Africa’s first election after the end of apartheid, April 1994 Hosni Murabak is gone and Egypt’s future is uncertain. But the statement of an … Continue reading

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Tyrants or ordinary people?

By Ken Feltman The strategic interests of a nation are used to justify support of authoritarian rulers: They may be tyrants, but they are our tyrants. Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak served a purpose – he maintained stability in a region of critical U.S. interests. … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan at 100

By Ken Feltman Many are praising former President Ronald Reagan on the 100th anniversary of his birth. People of all political stripes are claiming a piece of his legacy. Some try too hard to sum up Reagan. Usually they make … Continue reading

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Tea time for the Republican Party

By Ken Feltman The tea party will disappear…. – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) As I poked around Capitol Hill before and after the president’s State of the Union, two things became clear: + The Republican leadership wants Rep. … Continue reading

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