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The Third Front

By Michael Granger On March 20, President Obama opened up a new front in the War on Terror by commencing the bombing of Libya. Perforce, from all that had transpired in the preceding weeks in the Middle East, the nature … Continue reading

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Japan’s future is tied to a long and difficult past

by Ken Feltman (published on the same date in Politico) There are many ways to look at Japan’s future. One way is to look at her recent past. Raw materials and energy have made Japan one of the world’s most … Continue reading

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by Ken Feltman I’m for catching every Japanese in America, Alaska, and Hawaii now and putting them in concentration camps. – Francis Biddle, U.S. attorney general, 1941-1945 Kazuko was born nearly eight decades ago in Japan.  As a small child, she … Continue reading

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A Resilient Country and Economy

by Michael Granger In the realm of the superpower as in the field of business and economics, no lead is ever safe. History is replete with the rise and fall of great powers. Becoming a superpower has never been enough; … Continue reading

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