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The unwritten rules of running for president

By Ken Feltman The most reliable way to forecast the future is to try to understand the present. – John Naisbitt Unwritten rules affect all candidates for president. If a candidate does not know the rules, or ignores the rules, … Continue reading

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By Anthony W. Hawks Several recent events make it appropriate and timely to begin discussing the Constitution’s allocation of war powers. First, today marks the 100th day of Libyan bombing by NATO and U.S. forces, well after the maximum 90-day deadline for … Continue reading

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By Anthony W. Hawks When the Framers adopted Montesquieu’s separation of powers framework for the 1787 Constitution, the point was to divide political power between Congress and the President, not between opposing political parties. From the beginning, however, there has … Continue reading

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Jon Huntsman begins his campaign with a lot of background noise

By Ken Feltman  Jon Huntsman enters the race with unlimited upside potential but possibly fatal downside problems. He can raise money. He makes a good impression on the campaign trail. He seems to relate well to the media. He is … Continue reading

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Is Bill Daley Getting Frustrated?

by Mark Rhoads The June 20 edition of The DC Daily Caller blog is reporting this: Former Secretary of Commerce and current White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley had to answer heated questions about Obama Administration economic policies during … Continue reading

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