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Militant moderates?

There are, believe it or not, good politicians. – Daniel Keys Moran By Ken Feltman This is one of those times when fewer and fewer Americans believe that good politicians exist. Doubters always speak out but they are usually balanced … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: A Lost Cause?

By Michael Granger It is tragic to think that Afghanistan is a lost cause, yet it is difficult to disabuse ourselves of the perception that it is. It is not that something went tragically wrong as a result of the … Continue reading

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Science Should Never Be “Settled”

by Mark Rhoads A new-sub controversy regarding the correct “balance” in news coverage has emerged at the BBC that is part of a larger battle between a large number of scientists who are certain that man-made global warming is a serious threat … Continue reading

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Murdoch Claims He Was Asleep in His Bunk Below

By Ken Feltman A childrens’ song tells of a sea captain who rides out storms by heading below deck to his bunk. Children recognize the cowardly captain for the clownish character that he is. Rupert Murdoch may not know the … Continue reading

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A Bad Idea Keeps Coming Back

By Mark Rhoads In general, government hates activity it cannot tax or control. Government hates the non-geographic nature of the internet because the reach of web is global but the jurisdictional boundaries of governments have geographic limits. Now there is … Continue reading

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