Win One for the USA

By Michael Granger

What President Obama and the Tea Party should do

Today the political system is engaged in a zero sum game in which the losing party is the United States. The game being played amounts to a scorched earth policy that each party is unwittingly subjecting the nation to. In the next six months, if this country could unify with the common purpose of forging genuine solutions to its problems, the awesome power that is the United States will rise up and reassert itself in a way that will send shock waves throughout the world. Because there is no greater force than this unity of purpose that can rescue the United States from the current trajectory of decline it in on.

Although it will not require a war of independence, what’s at stake makes it a feat almost equal in magnitude to the founding of the nation with the Declaration of Independence and its aftermath. And it will require strong leadership from all political parties and persuasions. It will take men and women in all branches of government who will be worthy of their image enshrined on Mount Rushmore – because it requires courage and sacrifice that is so rare in contemporary politics as to be deserving of the term superhuman.

Where will this courage and sacrifice come from? Does it even exist in the United States, in our government and our people? Given the way things are heading, if it does not exist then it must be invented. The nation must rise to the occasion as great people and great nations are called to do. It is a call that only a great nation populated by a great people can answer. And answer we must, lest we allow our greatness to disintegrate into the wide political gulf we have created.

The alternative is to watch the slow but certain decline of the country and helplessly throw our hands up instead of demanding more from ourselves and others. How much longer can we watch and pretend that it will just fix itself or that one group has all the answers or that there is only one solution. If it is done right, it will restore confidence in every man, woman and child that will be the envy of the rest of the world.

As nations and greatness go, the United States is in a unique category. We are our own competitor. And only our unwillingness to act affirmatively and resolutely, with a sense of urgency, will cause us to fail. This cause is greater that the ambitions of men and women seeking high office, personal glory or financial benefit. First, it is ensuring that we have a country in which seeking those things is as meaningful as it has historically been. Respect in the world can only be a byproduct of how we treat with our own fellow citizens to reassert and maintain our own greatness. This is not a superficial thing. Let other nations wonder about how we did it and the enormity of our accomplishment in righting our country. Let them wonder what our secret source is.

For every endeavor great or small, there is always a first step.

About Radnor Reports

Ken Feltman is past-president of the International Association of Political Consultants and the American League of Lobbyists. He is retired chairman of Radnor Inc., an international political consulting and government relations firm in Washington, D.C. Known as a coalition builder, he has participated in election campaigns and legislative efforts in the United States and several other countries.
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5 Responses to Win One for the USA

  1. Armaund says:

    Thanks for that optimistic posting.

  2. Thalia says:

    Good thoughts!

  3. Eric says:

    I like this man’s work. Please have more.

  4. Lorie says:

    I may not agree with you but I get a lot of information that I use with my friends. I win more arguments this way!

  5. Bonecrusher says:


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