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Romney and the Frick and Frack Rule

 By Ken Feltman   One of the worst habits of political consultants is our tendency to criticize other consultants. This is especially true when the criticism involves a candidate’s behavior. Often, no matter what the consultant advises, the candidate does … Continue reading

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Blah candidates? What do we do now?

  Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. – P. J. O’Rourke By Ken Feltman Did you ever feel that the problem with elections is that somebody wins? If you feel … Continue reading

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The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

By Mark Rhoads I cannot explain any of this using the normal logic of money and politics, but Rick Santorum now leads the GOP field in every national tracking poll. It makes no sense at all, even on the momentum … Continue reading

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Anthony Shadid: The Brown of conflict zone journalism

By Ken Feltman   Two-times Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Anthony Shadid of the New York Times died today in Syria. He was 43 and cannot be replaced.   Anthony Shadid did his job so well that, realistically, no one can replace … Continue reading

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Independent Voters of Myth and Legend

By Mark Rhoads For many decades political scientists, main stream media, and pollsters have labored to find an animal as rare as a unicorn. The “independent voter” of legend according to these wise-in-their-own-opinion political junkies is someone who identifies with neither party … Continue reading

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