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Politics is plumbing

By Peter E. Feltman As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan and Iraq, what can we hope for? Plenty! But plenty of what? Perhaps we should forget the earlier exhortations about liberty, constitutions and nation building and concentrate on a … Continue reading

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Santorum Proves that the Fat Lady is in Bad Voice

By Mark Rhoads How dare Rick Santorum win a state by 22 points over Mitt Romney when every pundit in the world says Romney should measure his drapes for the West Wing. According to the CNN exit poll, the only group … Continue reading

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Gingrich has overstayed his welcome with an ironic result

By Ken Feltman The big news from Louisiana this weekend will not be Rick Santorum’s victory. He is cruising toward a big win. Conservative voters are abandoning Gingrich for Santorum, with a smaller number going to Mitt Romney. Most voters are … Continue reading

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Romney wobbles toward nomination

By Ken Feltman Mitt Romney has some explaining to do. His leading contributors are growing increasingly frustrated. His staff is under attack from those contributors and from pundits and party officials. Polls show him losing ground to Obama. The list … Continue reading

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Santorum wins Kansas but may pay a price for his focus on religious issues

By Ken Feltman Even a quick review of comments by Kansas focus group participants from last week shows anger and resentment. These are upset people and they are upset with Rick Santorum for his emphasis on his religious beliefs. The … Continue reading

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