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Obama is doing what he does: the grubby political stuff

by Ken Feltman Pundits of all sizes, shapes and pre-conceived opinions are shifting into high gear to analyze President Obama and his handling of the Syrian chemical weapons mess. Prevailing world punditry holds that President Putin of Russia out-foxed Obama. … Continue reading

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Who Reads These Newsletters Anyway?

The September 2013 farewell telecast of the popular ABC-TV program ‘Inside Washington’ caused a few questions about this newsletter’s original name. One person came right out and asked if we ‘borrowed’ or ‘stole’ it.  Inside Washington’s Headlines began in March of 1985 – the month … Continue reading

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The Lonely Answer: Syria is for Realists

By Ken Feltman I didn’t set a red line, the world set a red line. -President Barack Obama    Yes, President Obama once again decided to vote “present” instead of making a decision. This is but the latest in a … Continue reading

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