Who does the public trust less, Clinton or Trump?

By Dave Levinthal

Election 2016 sometimes feels less like a national debate on which presidential hopeful possesses superior experience, better ideas and greater leadership bona fides — and more like a candidate-on-candidate slap fight over who’s shadier, sleazier and more deviously opaque.

Hillary Clinton’s recent reticence to reveal her bout with pneumonia provides new fodder for those who find the former secretary of state is overly secretive. And what about Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who’s shrouded many of his financial dealings in mystery?

A new Center for Public Integrity/Ipsos poll shows only one in four respondents consider Trump “honest and transparent” about his financial, business or investment dealings. For Clinton, it’s about one in three.

Such data indicate that most Americans “do not trust either candidate, which is further evidence that 2016 is a battle of the least popular candidates,” Ipsos pollster Chris Jackson said. “This election is similar to giving a child the option of either finishing their vegetables or changing their kid brother’s diaper.”

Neither candidate deserves a transparency award. But a Center for Public Integrity analysis shows Clinton, when compared head-to-head with Trump, is the clear winner when it comes to making information available….

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