What does DDOS mean? Why should you care?

by Ken Feltman

(with appreciation to Gust Mees of ICT Security-Sécurité PC et Internet)

DDOS stand for “distributed denial of service.” A Distributed Denial of Service attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.

Here are the first two paragraphs of an article that should worry you:

Security researcher Bruce Schneier spotted a series of DDoS attacks which may be part of a larger effort to learn how to take down the internet on a national or even global scale.

The attacks targeted major companies that provide the basic infrastructure for the internet and the incidents seem to appear to have probed the companies’ defenses to determine how well they can protect themselves, according to a Sept. 13 blog post. Continue reading http://www.scmagazine.com/infrastructure-ddos-attacks-could-be-part-of-larger-plan-to-shut-down-internet-on-massive-scale/article/522962/

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