Pence bails on event with Ryan… GOP Senators & House Members call for Trump to quit… Trump: ‘Zero chance I’ll quit’

By Taegan Goddard


Gov. Mike Pence “will no longer be attending a Saturday campaign event in Wisconsin with House Speaker Paul Ryan,” Politico reports.

“Donald Trump was slated to attend the event but was dropped Friday evening after a leaked tape revealed the GOP nominee making crude comments about sexually harassing women.…”

A top Pence advisor says Pence was not disinvited but “decided not to go of his own accord.”

Pence told CNN in a statement that he cannot defend Trump’s remarks.
A source close to Trump campaign tells the Washington Post that Pence and his team are “absolutely apoplectic,” “melting down” and “inconsolable.”

Source: Pence Bails On Event with Ryan – Political Wire

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