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WhatsApp’s Founder Tells Users To Delete Facebook

Facebook owns WhatsApp, and now we’re all confused. Or are we? by Maria Loreto Facebook made headlines in 2014 when it bought WhatsApp for $16 billion. At the time, WhatsApp was run by Jan Kuom and Brian Acton, and both … Continue reading

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The ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Could Turn A Democratic Wave Into A Tsunami

by Nate Silver, founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight It’s a busy time of year, so we’ll keep this relatively short. But I wanted to echo and underscore a point made by FiveThirtyEight contributor Nathaniel Rakich in his article … Continue reading

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Cloak and Data: The Real Story Behind Cambridge Analytica’s Rise and Fall

By Andy Kroll of Mother Jones “I can’t stand lying to you every day.” In the late summer of 2015, Chris Wilson, the director of research, analytics, and digital strategy for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, had a conversation with … Continue reading

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Baathism caused the chaos in Iraq and Syria

Robert D. Kaplan, (c) 2018, Foreign Policy, in the Chicago Tribune The United States intervened militarily in Iraq in 2003, 15 years ago this month, and the result was war and chaos. But the United States did not intervene in … Continue reading

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The President Is The Nation: The Central Metaphor Trump Lives By

By Dr. George Lakoff Patriotism is about serving the nation, not the President. We know from neuroscience that most thought is unconscious, carried out by neural circuitry. In Metaphors We Live By, Mark Johnson and I showed that much of … Continue reading

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