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Microsoft boss warns of ‘enormous’ changes artificial intelligence will bring to humanity

By Jasper Hamill in Metro Satya Nadella said the world was standing on the brink of a gigantic leap forward as machines match and surpass the intellectual abilities of humans. He said that digital technology would soon be woven into … Continue reading

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Could Chrysler Be Killed This Friday?

By Chris Bruce Swirling rumors suggest that one of America’s oldest remaining automakers could be on the chopping block. If the Chrysler brand is killed, it will be the end of a nameplate with over 90 years of history in … Continue reading

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5 latest twists in the Russia story

By Marshall Cohen, CNN Here’s a breakdown of the latest twists, why they matter and what’s next. Read more…  

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How Millennials today compare with their grandparents 50 years ago

By Richard Fry, Ruth Igielnik and Eileen Patten of Pew Research Center The past five decades – spanning from the time when the Silent Generation (today, in their 70s and 80s) was entering adulthood to the adulthood of today’s Millennials … Continue reading

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A Half-Day Of Diversity Training Won’t Change Much For Starbucks

By Maggie Koerth-Baker of FiveThirtyEight The Starbucks training isn’t typical of most diversity training, which usually attempts to improve internal relations between employees of different races and cultures. Instead, Starbucks is focusing on improving the way employees interact with customers. … Continue reading

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