What Do We Know With Just Under Six Months to Go Before the Mid-Term Elections?

By Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report

Given the warped time-space continuum in which those of us in DC live – a flood of news, tweets and leaks makes each day feel like a week – it may be hard to comprehend ‘real’ time.

Let me help out. We are less than six months from the midterm elections. So, it’s a good time to check in on what we know – and still don’t know – about how the midterms are shaping up.

Trump and the GOP are in a better place than they were this fall. The question is whether it is good enough to hold the House?

Trump has a very narrow ‘trading range’ on job approval. His presidency has been focused almost singularly on keeping his base happy rather than trying to expand his appeal to those who aren’t currently in his base. That limits his “ceiling” to 45-46 percent job approval.

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