Has Russia influenced more elections? Why isn’t there greater outrage about Russia’s involvement in Brexit?

This scandal should cause uproar but the BBC and Labour just change the subject

By Nick Cohen, an Observer columnist, writing in the Guardian

The first duty of the leaders and citizens of a democracy is to defend its elections from subversion. Yet a country that boasts of giving the world free parliaments feels no obligation even to look at allegations that Russia subverted British democracy. The government and opposition are compromised and want the scandal closed down. As does an embarrassed rightwing press and a shamefully negligent BBC.

“Suggest we send a note of support to the ambassador,” wrote Andy Wigmore, press officer for Nigel Farage’s Leave.EU just before the Brexit referendum. Documents seen by the Observer suggest that Arron Banks, who gave the campaign the largest political donation in British history, agreed. Whether a note was sent or not, Leave.EU supported the Kremlin line that it was not interfering in British politics.

Pause to think about the scene described by Carole Cadwalladr in the Observer. The demagogues behind…

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