American Collapse isn’t Just Economic and Political — It’s Moral and Ethical, Too

Or, Why Kim Kardashian Gets Ten Times the Attention of Kids in Cages in Camps

By Umair Haque in Eudaimonia

Unique in the world — perhaps unique in history — Americans appear perfectly content to watch their kids massacre each other in schools, to watch their neighbours die for a lack of basic medicines, to watch their middle class implode, to see their own life expectancy shrink, to work a little harder every day only to be rewarded with less money, stability, and opportunity by the very system of predatory capitalism that is ripping their lives apart.

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Ken Feltman is past-president of the International Association of Political Consultants and the American League of Lobbyists. He is retired chairman of Radnor Inc., an international political consulting and government relations firm in Washington, D.C. Feltman founded the U.S. and European Conflict Indexes in 1988. The indexes have predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election beginning in 1988, plus the outcome of several European elections. In May of 2010, the Conflict Index was used by university students in Egypt. The Index predicted the fall of the Mubarak government within the next year.
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