Bitcoin billionaires translate digital wealth into real-world assets

By Victoria Burrows in the South China Morning Post

Eleesa Dadiani is the new face of cryptocurrency. That’s what I’m thinking as I sit across the desk from her in her gallery, Dadiani Fine Arts, in London’s exclusive Mayfair district. With her porcelain skin, mane of loose hair and eloquent, engaging manner, she certainly doesn’t match the existing stereotype of a socially awkward hoodie-sporting tech-nerd buying amphetamines on the dark web, or a newly minted crypto-millionaire leaning against a Lamborghini in an insufferably gloating Instagram photo. She doesn’t fit the category of a crypto-evangelist, either.

“These libertarians, they don’t understand money, they don’t understand history,” she says. “They know nothing about politics or international relations. You have to understand the world you live in before you can change it.”

Not that she doesn’t believe in cryptocurrency. On the contrary, she has created an entire business around it. Her fine art gallery was probably the world’s first to accept multicurrency cryptocurrency (bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and NEM), but art is just one small part of a bigger crypto brokerage – the UK’s first – that she set up last year to allow buyers to exchange their digital wealth for real-world assets such as rare cars, bloodstock, gems, bullion, private jets and yachts.

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