This is the most sexist place in America. For women born there, it will have significant impacts.

Adapted from a story by The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham

If you want to move to the least sexist state in America, then head to New Hampshire, according to an index of sexist attitudes developed by economists at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and National University Singapore. Alternatively, they found the most sexist state to be Arkansas.

“Sexism is highest in the Southeast and least extreme in New England and the West,” the researchers wrote. “The figure shows that there is substantial variation in mean sexism across states within each geographic region of the country.”

What’s more, they found that state-level distinctions can have significant impacts on women’s lives, including her wages and the age at which she marries and has children — and can even make her later earnings lower, even if she moves to a place with less sexism.

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