Roger Stone fights back, slams ‘busted’ Washington Post over Mueller report

Radnor Reports suggests that this article and the preceding article – Zeroing in: Special Counsel Mueller examines conflicting accounts of Roger Stone and WikiLeaks – be read together.

By Megan Keller of The Hill

Longtime President Trump ally Roger Stone on Monday slammed The Washington Post over a report that special counsel Robert Mueller is digging into Stone’s alleged ties with WikiLeaks.

“Today’s Washington Post contains one of the shoddiest pieces of reporting that I have seen my 40 years in American Politics,” Stone wrote in a statement forwarded to The Hill titled “THE WASHINGTON POST IS BUSTED.”

Stone concluded his response with a general push back against the idea that he had colluded with Russia to hack the Democratic National Committee on the behalf of the Trump campaign, calling it a “left wing conspiracy theory” that is “yet unproven in a court of law.”

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