The Top 100 Works of Journalism of the 20th Century

As selected by Madeleine Blais, Alan Brinkley, David Brinkley, Lydia Chavez, Karen Durbin, Clay Felker, Jeff Greenfield, Pete Hamill, Mary McGrory, Nancy Maynard, Eric Newton, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Gene Roberts, Morley Safer, David Shaw, George Will and Ben Yagoda and the New York University Journalism faculty: David Dent, Todd Gitlin, Lamar Graham, Brooke Kroeger, Susie Linfield, Michael Ludlum, Robert Manoff, Anne Matthews, Pamela Newkirk, Michael Norman, Richard Petrow, Mary Quigley, Marcia Rock, Jay Rosen, Stephen Solomon, Mitchell Stephens, Carol Sternhell, Jane Stone and Ellen Willis. Project director: Mitchell Stephens.

Read the list here and follow the links to articles about nominations for the list, how the list was selected, and an article from the New York Times about the list — and another from NYU about the best of the first decade of the 21st century…

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