Historian on violence against Jews: Words matter

By Wayne Flynt in AL.Com

Historian and author Wayne Flynt delivered a message about violence against Jews in Pittsburgh at Beth Shalom Synagogue in Auburn, Alabama on Friday, November 2. This is his message:

Every WORD counts.

Every WORD has meaning.

WORDS should not be wasted or used in harmful ways.

WORDS can hurt.

WORDS can kill.

Nearly half a century ago I wrote about one specific place and time when WORDS of hope, liberation, justice, and love confronted WORDS of tradition, bigotry, apartheid, and hate.: BIRMINGHAM during the two weeks leading up to Sunday, September 15, when white nationalist terrorists who belonged to the KKK bombed 16th Street Baptist Church, murdering four young girls.

During those two weeks, Alabama political leaders spoke at rallies almost every day in the run-up to school integration. Here are some of the WORDS they spoke:

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