George H. W. Bush Modeled the Kinder, Gentler and More Colorful GOP That Could Have Been

By Keli Goff of the Daily Beast

The 41st president’s own family gave him reason to work toward a more inclusive and diverse Republican Party.

When Bill de Blasio featured his mixed race family in political ads during his run for mayor in 2013, it was considered groundbreaking, even coming from a Democrat in New York City.

Yet George H.W. Bush had done the same thing decades before, as a Republican on the national stage. His son Jeb met his wife Columba in Mexico as a teenager, and eventually brought her to America where they married. Though such a union hardly seems noteworthy today, it certainly was nearly a half century ago.

“As president, I have a lot of reasons to help Hispanics everywhere, because I’ll be answering to my grandkids, not just to history.”

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