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The 2020 Electoral College: Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball

Kyle Kondik, Managing Editor, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball – Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics is one of the most followed election analysts. Here is his first look at the 2020 presidential election: With an approval … Continue reading

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Can Republicans Bridge the Gender Gap?

By Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report – One of the bigger challenges for Republican congressional candidates this year is to win over women voters who don’t like President Trump.  And, the number of women who don’t like Trump, especially those … Continue reading

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You want help? Oops!

A look back to August 18, 2008   by Ken Feltman in eTalkingHead – Toward the end of the fourth century, the Romanized Britons realized that the security provided by the Roman Empire was ending. Departing legions were not replaced. Waves of Germanic … Continue reading

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The war that never ends…

By Jeff Glor of CBS News – “It helps me a lot of times just to talk about Vietnam” – a veteran returning to the country for first time since the war ended. Most who served in the Vietnam War have never … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris is the Democrats’ 2020 social media phenomenon

By Neal Rothschild and Sara Fischer in Axios – Sen. Kamala Harris of California is leading the field of Democratic presidential candidates in capturing the public’s attention during the opening wave of the 2020 campaign. Why it matters: That puts Harris in a … Continue reading

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