135 Million Reasons To Believe In A Blockchain Miracle

By Mike Maddock in Forbes Magazine –

This is a story about how a “frozen” (or stolen) $135 million can force you to rethink how your business will need to operate sooner than you think—and why you need to harness the power of disruption for good.

I believe in miracles. I was raised that way. From my earliest days, I was regaled with stories of saints and angels and water-to-wine happenings. Small wonder I now look for possibilities where others see problems.

But miracles always come with a dark polarity. While priests, nuns and great grandmas were whispering hopeful outcomes in my ear, those promises came with the threat of not believing. Heaven is for the faithful; hell is for the nonbelievers.

When I first read that by the end of this decade, “death will be optional,” I immediately wondered what happens to religion when the threat or promise of an afterlife no longer exists. Short answer: Motivations and behaviors are going to change.

Which brings us to the latest headlines about a cryptocurrency entrepreneur’s passing—taking with him the passcode to unlock C$180 million (about $135 million U.S.) in investor currency—which is now reportedly gone forever. Why?

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