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A look back to August 18, 2008   by Ken Feltman in eTalkingHead

Toward the end of the fourth century, the Romanized Britons realized that the security provided by the Roman Empire was ending. Departing legions were not replaced. Waves of Germanic warriors and settlers flooded into the vulnerable areas of the British Isles and northern Gaul. Appeals for help to Roman military leaders and even to the emperor went unanswered. Britain’s Dark Ages began.

A semblance of order was restored in the last quarter of the ninth century when Alfred, the ruler of the West Saxons, stopped the western expansion of the Danes. Historians credit Alfred with founding what came to be called England. He is the only English monarch to be called “the Great.”

That bit of British history was repeated to me by a Georgian who is a close friend of President Mikheil Saakashvili. We were having dinner at a pleasant restaurant overlooking one of Georgia’s beautiful valleys, not far from Gori, the site of vicious Russian aggression in the past few days.

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