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Democrats are taking reparations seriously — and that’s a big deal

Analysis by Nia-Malika Henderson of CNN – In 1988, Jesse Jackson made reparations part of his campaign platform. In 2016, PresidentBarack Obama dismissed reparations as politically impractical during an interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates, whose Atlantic article sparked renewed interest in … Continue reading

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How Andrew Yang Could Win The 2020 Democratic Primary

By Nathaniel Rakich of FiveThirtyEight – Ever heard of him? Some folks think we might hear a lot about him. Continue reading…

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How do Millennials compare with prior generations?

By Kristen Bialik and Richard Fry of Pew Research – Over the past 50 years – from the Silent Generation’s young adulthood to that of Millennials today – the United States has undergone large cultural and societal shifts. Now that … Continue reading

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This Is What A 21st-Century Police State Really Looks Like

By Megha Rajagopala of BuzzFeed News – Far from the booming metropolis of Beijing, China is building a sprawling system that combines dystopian technology and human policing. “It’s a kind of frontline laboratory for surveillance.” This is a city where … Continue reading

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Looking to the Future, the Public Sees an America in Decline on Many Fronts

from Kim Parker, Rich Morin and Juliana Menasce Horowitz of Pew Research Center – Majorities predict a weaker economy, a growing income divide, a degraded environment and a broken political system – Continue reading…

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