The official fast food French fry power rankings

By Lucas Kwan Peterson of the Los Angeles Times –

French fries, a.k.a. chips, aka freedom fries, aka 炸薯条, are a delightful treat enjoyed the world over, and they’re a staple of the fast-food meal. And what is fast food, exactly? For the purposes of this survey, I’ve selected chains where there’s an emphasis on speed of service, you’re not waited on at a table, and where there are at least a couple hundred locations, if not more.

Five Guys leads for taste. But excellence comes with a price, though – an order of these fries costs roughly double that of other chains.

Best texture? If you lived in Normal, Ill., in the 1930s, it was probably exhilarating to pull into a Steak ‘n Shake, founded by ex-Marine Gus Belt. The chain’s signature Steakburgers, ground from sirloin, round, and T-bone cuts, allowed it to thrive in Midwest despite the Great Depression. Today, it’s number 1 for texture and 4 for taste.

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