How Two Arcane Clauses In The Constitution Could Expose Trump’s Businesses

By Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux of FiveThirtyEight –

Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, we still know relatively little about the inner workings of his family business, the Trump Organization. But today, a case that could force the company to reveal some information about its finances faces a big test in a federal appeals court in Virginia. Judges will hear oral arguments over whether a lawsuit alleging that President Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting payments from state officials and foreign diplomats at his Washington, D.C., hotel, which the Trump Organization operates, can go forward.

Legal experts initially predicted that the cases wouldn’t make it very far. But last year, a federal judge in Maryland handed down a series of rulings in favor of one set of challengers — Washington, D.C., and Maryland — allowing them to issue subpoenas for financial information related to the hotel from several branches of the Trump Organization.

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