Brexit chaos – A catastrophic failure of leadership

By David Murrin, author of Breaking the Code of History –

Regional civil wars are sadly not swift occurrences. They take time to build momentum and to reach a crescendo and conclusion. As a prime example, the English civil war spanned for almost a decade.  This prognosis does not enhance our optimism with respect to the prospect of any near term conclusion to Britain’s modern-day democratic civil war for the identity of Future Britain – a Britain that is independent and free to trade anywhere it wishes within the global economy. 

There are so many subplots and agendas, both international and national, swirling around in the Brexit mix that at times it is hard to perceive the essential energy driving this phase of Britain’s political history. In essence the requirements of Britain as a social entity are such that this pseudo civil war is about creating key shifts in the national mindset. Part of this mindset change includes creating a clear national identity that will facilitate the future expansion of Britain’s influence beyond its borders – the sovereignty and independence of Britain as a nation-state, rather than being subsumed into the non democratic EU superstate.

Mrs. May is a politician whom should never have been made prime minister. The shortfalls in her personal qualities were so obvious from the first moment she took office, that I made a prediction over two years ago that she would become the most reviled leader since King John.

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