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Better Schools Won’t Fix America

Nick Hanauer in the Atlantic – Like many rich Americans, I used to think educational investment could heal the country’s ills—but I was wrong. Fighting inequality must come first. Continue reading…

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DNC spending more than it’s raising ahead of 2020 election

Megan Henney of Fox Business – The cash-strapped Democratic National Committee spent more money than it raised in the first four months of 2019 as it prepares for the 2020 presidential according to a new report from Bloomberg. By the end of … Continue reading

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Deaths by suicide, drugs and alcohol reached an all-time high in 2017

Stef W. Kight from Axios on HBO – In 2017, more than 151,000 Americans died of suicide or causes related to drugs or alcohol — the highest rate in U.S. history, according to a new study by Trust for America’s … Continue reading

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Mothering Without Limits

Lindsay Jones in Topic Magazine – Days after Lindsey Hubley gave birth to her son, she had to reenter the hospital with devastating medical problems. But every challenge that motherhood has brought is one to which she has risen. Continue … Continue reading

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The Deported

Seth Freed Wessler in Good – If you find your way through the door of the Juan Bosco Shelter in Nogales, just across the border in Sonora, Mexico, it’s because you’ve got nowhere else to go. You’ll find a bed … Continue reading

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