“Eric Swalwell asked Joe Biden to pass the torch. Kamala Harris just took it.”

Harris is the name on everyone’s lips after part two of the season’s inaugural Democratic debate. “Harris had a moment — that was two hours long,” Van Jones said on CNN after the debate.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza said Harris gave “the strongest performance not just of Thursday night’s debate but of either nights’ debate. She was calm, poised, knowledgeable and, yes, presidential.”

The New Yorker’s Katy Waldman called her the best storyteller on the stage: “We’ll remember the busing moment, but Kamala Harris dominated the debate from the start. She is fervent but deploys her anger precisely, like a flashlight…

WaPo’s Paul Farhi tweeted: “Guessing that Trump right now is ginning up a nickname for Kamala Harris.”

Focus grouper Frank Luntz: “In just about every way imaginable, Kamala Harris dominated. She had the guts to take on and embarrass Joe Biden – not only did she have the best language, she was the most memorable…”

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