The Colorado STEM Shooting Is Way More Complicated Than People Know, But Also Exactly What You Think

Amber Jamieson and Stephanie K. Baer of Buzz Feed –

She was in her world literature class when she heard three loud bangs. Gunshots. Two bullets came through the walls, hitting her classmate in the foot. For 22 minutes, the 16-year-old sophomore whispered updates to a 911 operator.

She texted her mom to tell her that she loved her. “I love you too — why the random text saying it?” her mother responded. “Tell me everything’s OK or I’m going to freak out.”

There’s been a national movement in the media, especially after Parkland, to responsibly limit school shooters’ names and images out of concern for glorifying their acts or inspiring copycats. Outlets, including BuzzFeed News, have adopted this approach. But in this case, the suspects’ backstories illustrate the root factors of the violence — and paint a deeper portrait of the country at large.

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