David Murrin, Global Forecaster

Post Cold War, to the majority of the world Pax America seemed unassailable for decades into the future. However, the 594 ship USN was soon to go into swift decline and the peace dividend took its toll. Then Post 9/11 America was drawn into two land wars that sucked in national energy, money, and resources and most importantly distracted America from its connection to its true power base: The control of the world’s seas. America tried to expose a new 1000 ship navy concept that interwove a web of alliances between rising regional naval powers that were aligned with American interest. However self-interest always came first and all the program did was to encourage  a new global naval expansion, that further weakened Pax America.

Today the USN that should be 305 ships actually constitutes 276 major combatants that are aging, overworked and as a result, far less capable than the numbers suggest of sustained combat operations. Additionally, the US marine corps so vital to effective power projection from the sea, is also in a similar super strained condition.


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