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The Caliphate Project, Made in America: Declassified U.S. Government Documents Confirm the US Supported the Creation of ISIS

Washington’s Blog in Global Research – First published in May 2015, this article reveals not only that the ISIS is a creation of US intelligence, it  also confirms that the Caliphate Project was designed in Washington. Judicial Watch has – … Continue reading

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There Are Plenty Of Anti-Trump Republicans — You Just Have To Know Where To Look

Perry Bacon Jr. of FiveThirtyEight – Americans opposed to President Trump are constantly asking some version of this question: “Why won’t Republicans break with Trump?” In a sane world, the reaction of Republicans to the “memorandum of telephone conversation” between … Continue reading

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Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back

 Daniel Cox and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux of FiveThirtyEight – Millennials have earned a reputation for reshaping industries and institutions — shaking up the workplace, transforming dating culture, and rethinking parenthood. They’ve also had a dramatic impact on American religious life.  Four in ten millennials now say … Continue reading

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Review of 2019 and Preview for 2020: the Final Combat of Western Hegemonism

Paul Schmutz Schaller for the Saker Blog – The world situation is changing very fast and one needs to make an effort in order to keep pace with the events. The end of a year is a welcome opportunity for … Continue reading

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Analysis: The real reason Democrats should study the UK election

Stephen Collinson of CNN – The Labour Party’s wipeout in Britain’s election spelled out an undeniable warning to Democrats over the potential dangers of tracking too far to the left of more moderate national electorates. But it also highlighted a more … Continue reading

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