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Taking Action … What’s the Point if You Can’t Save the World?

Sara Goddard of Green That Life – Despair. That’s the underlying vibe I get these days from the environmental community. I understand. Taking action to protect the environment is an endless struggle for seemingly little gain. Even worse, it seems … Continue reading

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Election Update: It’s Cherry-Picking Season

 Nate Silver, founder and editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight – As of our most recent Election Update this weekend, I noted that polls since last week’s debate had been — this is a scientific term — “pretty weird.” Well, it’s time to revise … Continue reading

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The New York Times looks at the upcoming Iowa caucuses

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Is a ‘symbol of public good’ on the Internet under attack?

Steven Melendez in Fast Company – An organization intends to sell the .org domain name, predominantly used by nonprofits, to a private equity group—and nonprofits are protesting. For many nonprofit organizations, having the .org domain name is a matter of … Continue reading

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A modest proposal: Education as an equalizer

Rep. Ron Kresha (R-Little Falls) in the Minnesota House of Representatives – All children have a fundamental right to a quality public education that fully prepares them with the skills necessary for participation in the economy, our democracy and society. … Continue reading

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