Are Democrats coming around to Joe Biden? Here’s what Chris Cillizza says: This Democratic electorate is perfect for Joe Biden

Chris Cillizza of CNN –

There are two data points in CNN’s new 2020 poll that have to make former Vice President Joe Biden and his presidential campaign feel very, very good.

  • Almost 6 in 10 Democrats (57%) said they wanted the “Democratic Party [to] nominate a presidential candidate with a strong chance of beating Donald Trump,” while just 35% said they preferred a candidate show “shared” their views on major issues. (Back in December, only 47% prioritized a nominee who could beat Trump.)
  • And almost 6 in 10 (58%) said they would rather a presidential nominee “advocate for policies that have a good chance of becoming law, even if the changes they make aren’t as big,” while just 36% said they would opt for a nominee who would “advocate for policies that would result in big changes, even if they have a lower chance of becoming law.”


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