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Reports of cannibalism among polar bears in Arctic are on the rise, scientist says

Christopher Brito of CBS News – Reports of polar bears in the Arctic eating each other are coming in at a higher rate, according to a scientist with the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia’s top scientific body. Among the factors … Continue reading

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Trump’s unbroken pattern of disdain for the rule of law

Joan Biskupic of CNN – Since his early days in office, Trump has scorned legal norms and the men and women who carry them out. He publicly mocked federal judges, derided the criminal justice system as a “laughingstock” and used … Continue reading

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5 Weird Facts About Leap Years

Alex Boese in LiveAboutDotCom – Blame It on Augustus. The Ancient Romans used to follow a calendar that had 355 days a year, but it eventually grew hopelessly out of sync with the seasons, making it difficult to celebrate festivals … Continue reading

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There Has To Be A Better Way To Pick Presidential Nominees … Right?

Galen Druke and Jake Arlow of FiveThirtyEight – Not all democracies are the same. Sure, the bedrock principle — governing according to the will of the people — is consistent, but there are lots of structural decisions that influence who … Continue reading

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Republicans’ ‘Operation Chaos’ seeks to undermine South Carolina’s Democratic primary

Jarrett Renshaw of Reuters – Republican activists in South Carolina are urging party voters to do the seemingly unthinkable: support U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for the White House in the state’s Democratic primary on Saturday. Democrats and Republicans previously … Continue reading

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