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‘We’re Scared’: Doctors in New Coronavirus Hotspots Brace for ‘Tsunami’ of Patients

Pilar Melendez of the Daily Beast – “I just don’t want Atlanta to be the next New York City,” an ER doctor told The Daily Beast, as cases in his city continue to surge. As New York City—the epicenter of … Continue reading

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In the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis, We Must Start Envisioning the Future Now

 Masha Gessen in the New Yorker – Sixteen years ago, in the very early days of medical genetic testing, I received a positive result for one of the BRCA mutations, which are correlated with a vastly increased risk of breast … Continue reading

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The forgotten story of … how Spanish flu tore apart the 1919 Stanley Cup final

Joan Niesen of Ther Guardian – Just over 100 years ago, the world was in the midst of a pandemic. And just like now it caused havoc in the world of sports. Continue…

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What Should The Government Spend To Save A Life? Economists have done the math.

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux in FiveThirtyEight – The staggering economic toll of the new coronavirus is becoming abundantly, unavoidably clear. As economic forecasts grow darker, talk of tradeoffs is getting louder: Is protecting Americans from COVID-19 really worth all this disruption and economic … Continue reading

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How Coronavirus Tests Actually Work

Maggie Koerth of FiveThirtyEight – The coronavirus crisis is in large part a testing crisis. We are reading about tests. Arguing about tests. And, in many cases, struggling mightily to obtain tests for ourselves. But while test shortages are making … Continue reading

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