The frantic search for medical supplies has states begging for answers

Gregory Krieg, Donald Judd, Jeremy Herb, Daniella Diaz, Ali Zaslav, Marina Carver and Elizabeth Stuart of CNN –

The absence of coherent guidelines from the White House has created a battle among states and hospitals, which have been hooked into bidding wars over key provisions to combat the coronavirus pandemic, driving up their prices and raising worries that regions in desperate need of immediate aid, like New York City, could be squeezed out and patients left to die.

What is not working, political and public health leaders on the front lines say, is the current, scattershot approach which appears to rely on shaky verbal commitments from major companies, which can turn around and shop for higher prices, and rich individuals, who do not have a clear view of where the greatest need for life-saving equipment resides.
Governors, members of Congress, reality TV stars and private business leaders are all swimming in the void. Elected officials, like those in New York, have been pleading publicly for President Donald Trump to intervene as the price of medical equipment soars.


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