Here’s the biggest thing Donald Trump doesn’t get about the media

Chris Cillizza of CNN –

On Monday at the daily coronavirus task force press conference, President Donald Trump took great umbrage at a question asked him by a Fox News reporter.

“You should say congratulations, great job, instead of being so horrid in the way you ask a question,” Trump scolded Fox’s Kristin Fisher. The “horrid” question that Fisher had the gall to ask? “When can hospitals expect to receive a quick turnaround on these [Covid-19] test results?”

The media’s job is not to ask “nice” or “good” questions, and it’s certainly not to say “congratulations.” The media’s job is to ask questions that elicit critical information about issues affecting the American public. Like, say, when will the rapid-result tests for coronavirus be available to hospitals battling the virus around the country?
That the President of the United States doesn’t grasp that basic fact about one of the institutions at the center of a healthy democracy speaks volumes.


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