Pandemic Advertising Got Weird Fast

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Amanda Mull of The Atlantic –

A few weeks ago, as millions of Americans settled into home confinement in a desperate effort to stymie an era-defining pandemic, Little Caesars invited them to step up to its Pizza Portal, a virus-hostile pie locker that circumvents the need for human interaction. Little Caesars was not the only brand—or, for that matter, the only pizza company—that wanted people to know their lockdown options.

Commercials by Domino’s and Papa John’s reminded viewers that the heat of pizza ovens annihilates germs. Others had different ideas:

  • Become a Burger King Couch Potatriot with a socially distant burger delivery.
  • Buy a face mask from Forever 21 and it will donate a mask to a person in need.
  • Take up to 25 percent off kitchen-organizing essentials at the Container Store.
  • Buy a whole Hyundai on the internet.


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