African Americans Are Tired Of Inaction Against Police Brutality. They’re Watching Biden To See If He’ll Turn The Tide.

Nidhi Prakash and Ryan Brooks of Buzz Feed News –

Activists and Democrats say the protests against police violence are a pivotal moment for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

As America reckons with historic protests against police brutality, violent law enforcement retaliation, and eerie curfews, Black activists and strategists are closely watching Joe Biden.

The nationwide protests that began after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis police custody offer Biden a chance to signal to Americans how things might change under his administration, if he wins the presidency in November.

It’s a pivotal moment for the campaign that could help Biden bring younger, skeptical voters into his coalition. And the moment is giving him airtime to break through in a way he hasn’t been able to in months, as people look for coherent national leadership.


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