The untold truth of Kellyanne Conway

Claire Williams and Gillian Walters  –

She’s Kellyanne Conway — pollster, GOP activist, and President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager-turned-counselor. But who exactly is Kellyanne Conway, and what do we really know about her?

Conway first became a household name shortly after Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, when she gave an interview defending then Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s wild press conference about how many people attended the president’s swearing-in. Spicer inflated the crowd size at the time (he later told The New York Times that he “regrets” those remarks), even though it was obvious he was being dishonest. Conway’s response to the debacle went down in infamy, as she told NBC’s Chuck Todd, “Sean Spicer, our press secretary gave alternative facts to that.” Say what?

From there, it was one outrageous soundbite after the other, framed against the backdrop of some bizarre personal dynamics going on in the White House Counselor’s home. But more on that curious tidbit later.

Fair warning: The untold truth about Kellyanne Conway is going to be one wild ride, so buckle up.






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