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Dan Robitzski in Futurism – According to MIT mechanical engineer Asegun Henry, humans are running out of time to stop our own extinction. The challenge comes down to physics: Almost all of our energy consumption involves generating or transferring heat. … Continue reading

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Appeals court won’t step in for now on Trump tax records – Trump is the only modern president who has refused to release his tax returns. Before he was elected, he had promised to do so. A federal appeals court said Friday it wouldn’t step in right away to delay … Continue reading

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U.S. moves to reimpose full UN sanctions on Iran

Matthew Choi of Politico – The U.S. is moving to reissue a full round of United Nations sanctions against Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced, in the Trump administration’s latest move to erase the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Pompeo … Continue reading

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What Happens if Donald Trump Fights the Election Results?

Stealing a Presidential election in America is difficult, but it has been done before. Eric Lach of the New Yorker – Donald Trump has disputed the popular-vote results of a Presidential contest he won. Now he leads a concerted effort … Continue reading

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What Really Gives Left-Handed Pitchers Their Edge?

Guy Molyneux and Phil Birnbaum of FiveThirtyEight – Left-handed pitching has long been one of the most prized commodities in professional baseball. Teams strive to obtain lefty pitchers, and southpaws recognize their competitive edge. Two-sport athlete Tom Glavine explained his career choice this way: … Continue reading

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