New charges show extent of potential danger of pro-Trump mob

FBI ‘not sparing any resources’ in the investigation

Todd Ruger of Roll Call –

Federal criminal charges from the mob attack on Congress highlight how much more dangerous the situation could have been, including what federal prosecutors said was a truck on the Capitol grounds with 11 Molotov cocktails made with a material to make them more like homemade napalm.

Amid the chaos of the insurrection — as the hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters rummaged through Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, entered the House and Senate floors and roamed the hallways — Capitol Police also responded to reports of pipe bombs at the National Republican Club, 300 First St. SE, and three blocks away at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, court records show.

While conducting sweeps of the area, Capitol Police officers found the Molotov cocktails in mason jars, with golf tees in the top of each lid, along with cloth rags and lighters, in the bed of a red GMC Sierra 1500 truck with Alabama license plates.


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